Warrior Rule #7

The less time you waste on comparing yourself to others, the faster you will get to the places you are wanting to go.

With the creation of social media it has never been easier to find yourself comparing where you are to where you see others.

Who has the best relationship? Vacation spots? Who is the most physically fit? Has the best and most fulfilling life?

It’s important to remember, that most of us use social media to present our best selves – I’ve even heard this referred to as being fake. On the contrary, I don’t see it that way at all.

By all means show me your art! Your beauty! Your insights! The things you are most proud of and your challenges. The real issue lies in each of our ability to celebrate the success of others, and have compassion for their challenges, while staying focused on our own.

We can’t get caught up in this never-ending comparison game.

This type of insecurity is embedded in us from birth. We are taught not to simply learn and grow, but to Be the Best. To be Number One. Which by default means you must compete with your fellow warrior to win the race.

But the fact is, life isn’t a race- doesn’t it pass us by fast enough without adding extra momentum by trying to forge ahead at a rate so fast we don’t even give ourselves time to enjoy the view.

Stop comparing yourself. Stop looking at those on their path and allowing where they stand to somehow diminish where you are.

It leads to a life of dissatisfaction.

And that will keep you walking in circles, and encountering detour after detour as you sabotage your path.


Take time to celebrate other people’s success. Feel it as if it were your own. Promote their art, music, comment on a photo, share in their joy.

Once you’ve done this, pick one thing that really caught your attention, whether it was a recipe, a photo, a piece of art and let it inspire something within you.

Published by amiblackford

I'm a YA author-illustrator who loves character-drive stories with unique voices. I love writing stories that have something to say of value that my reader can take away and use in their own lives. I love to cook, dance, sing and spend time with my teenager and husband watching sci-fi and fantasy flicks.

2 thoughts on “Warrior Rule #7

  1. My greatest moment was when i embraced my individuality and learned my path is for my steps alone…I spent countless hours trying to figure out who and what I was to fight for. One I awoke in the midnight hour to have all the answers laid before me…I was sent to save myself and to spread Light upon a darkened world. I am to spread love to all who never felt love. I am to spread peace in world bent on violence…I found who I am and for that Im humbled and grateful.

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    1. This is a great insight – I was sent to save myself. We can’t save anyone can we? We are all on that path to save ourselves, and once we do this, with each step by default we are a beacon of light, like a lighthouse in the night, for others to steer their own ships to safe harbors.


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