Warrior Rule # 3

Don’t be fooled by shortcuts, commit to the long haul.

We can’t achieve anything of true value without having this ability firmly in place. Learning to set goals, and applying the necessary daily actions to accomplish it is the underlying framework needed for continuous progress and evolution.

When we learn how to pull back and get an objective perspective on our life as a whole we can see what’s working and what isn’t. We can navigate towards what it is that we say we want, and away from massive detours or dead ends.

It takes

S e l f – D i s c i p l i n e

to achieve what our hearts desire.

This means instead of looking for the shortcuts, we commit to follow the steps along the path’s we’ve selected. We practice. We research. We learn. We apply.

We face rejection.

And when we get knocked down, we always stand back up.

No matter the endeavor, we will meet our goal as long as we commit to doing whatever it takes to earn reaching that mile marker. One thing I always remind myself of when I feel like I’m walking in circles on any given goal, is that if it was so easy to find – it wouldn’t be half as exciting when I reached it.

Or as rewarding.

So get out a piece of paper. Write down the logical steps it’s going to take to achieve your goal, and then commit to following through with no attachment to how long it’s going to take to get there. Just know you will arrive if you stay the course.

Published by amiblackford

I'm a YA author-illustrator who loves character-drive stories with unique voices. I love writing stories that have something to say of value that my reader can take away and use in their own lives. I love to cook, dance, sing and spend time with my teenager and husband watching sci-fi and fantasy flicks.

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