Warrior Rule #1

Nothing is impossible until you say it is.

We all go through life with a Long List of reasons WHY we don’t do the things we want. And more often times than not, instead of reflecting on what we may be doing to contribute to our life-constipation, we reference our list. A list which is usually comprised of all the people, events, circumstances that are keeping us from pursuing our passions.

Usually the only thing left off that list is . . .


Because including yourself means taking ownership for why you find yourself in a life that makes you so unhappy.

The basis of being a warrior, is realizing at the end of the day, no matter where you come from or how long your list of excuses is, you have absolute control over the direction your life is headed.

You aren’t a victim who’s sitting passively shotgun.

You hold the keys. Where you are driving and the destinations you are headed is one-hundred percent your choice. Once you accept you are in the driver’s seat, you can face your wild companion who is the one taking you on this not-so-thrilling life adventure.

Your M I N D.

That’s right, comrades. The war you are fighting isn’t outside of you. It’s the one happening in your mind. When it’s left unchecked, your mind is a reckless drunk driver. Good luck ending up anywhere close to where you projected.

And – let’s hope you arrive alive.

However, when the mind is harnessed and used as the creative tool it was designed for, it is your best friend. Anything you tell it, it believes.

And what you believe is what you receive.

So that’s what this blog is about.

Leading you through the Warrior Rules that I’ve come to with each challenge I’ve faced and have yet to face. As I share them, I invite you to apply them to your own life. It is my mission to share personal perspectives that will guide you to deeper levels of self-awareness. Because that is what’s needed most at this time on our planet.

Each of us needs to dig down deep, challenge our limiting beliefs, and set ourselves free so we can create a better world, one we all want to live in.


Write a list of all the things you want or have dreamed of having.

Place a star or heart next to those things you’ve acheived.

And then review the list of things that you haven’t.

What beliefs are you holding that are keeping you from acheiving those things? What actions might you take – no matter how small – to see them come to fruition?

I suggest beginning with the smallest thing on the list.

Make a committment to it, and make it happen. You will be suprised when we remove the word impossible from our vocabulary the speed at which what felt so far out of our reach is suddenly so close you can feel it.

Published by amiblackford

I'm a YA author-illustrator who loves character-drive stories with unique voices. I love writing stories that have something to say of value that my reader can take away and use in their own lives. I love to cook, dance, sing and spend time with my teenager and husband watching sci-fi and fantasy flicks.

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