Warrior Rule #13

Everything is in a constant state of change; do not cling out of fear, but instead learn to trust and let go

Humans are creatures of habit.

Even if something we are doing isn’t working, and we aren’t happy- we will continue doing it out of the comfort of the repetition and what we perceive as the Known.

We will work jobs that we hate. We will stay in relationships (romantic/platonic) that lack passion and connection. We will repeat toxic behaviors for instant gratification even when we know the result of it will take a heavy toll.

Why do we do this?

Because C H A N G E terrifies us. It is what we label as the Unknown, and our ego – which is simply our identity, a construct created through our physical mind. The physical mind doesn’t like new variables being interjected into it’s already pre-programmed set of equations.

It likes things it understands (or thinks it does) and for there to be a predictability present so it can feel safe. That is why when something happens, some big change takes place – whether it’s perceived as a positive or negative transition, it unsettles us so much.

Now more than ever, we are living in a time when we MUST let go of our fear of change, and welcome it with open arms. By doing so, we are saying to ourselves: I am a warrior, and no matter how terrifying that battlefield looks, I will come out the victor. We are saying to the intelligent field, the benevolent cosmic system we are intrinsically linked to and apart of, I trust you to lead me to higher ground.

We may not like what we see in the valley, but if we understand it’s temporary – this view is going to change as long as we keep walking, life changes become more adventurous. And then, at some point in the near future, we arrive somewhere new. Because of life’s continuous movement, and our trust to hike with it, we reach the peak of the mountain, overlooking that valley. From this perspective, we have full view at how far we’ve traveled on the trail of the unknown, and it increases our self-confidence, and awareness at our own power.

If you find yourself trying to force others to climb at the same rate as you, or to see your path to this mountain peak as the superior one, the right one, you may want to check yourself. You are only slowing your own progress to this peak, and risk falling off the ledge or becoming lost because you are so preoccupied re-enforcing your ego/identity rather than following the subtle guidance of your ultimate trail guide – the Higher Mind.

Go easy on yourself through changes, and learn to go easy on others. Remember we all are here having our individual experiences, and the less we judge ourselves and each other during transitions, the easier it will be to let go, get caught up in the flow, so you can reach that peak as swiftly as possible.

>>>>>> WARRIOR CHALLENGE <<<<<<<<

Write down current changes that are happening in your life.

Reflect on how these changes are making you feel, and wherever you feel extreme discomfort, anxiety, anger, depression, resentment, hostility pay special attention.

Shift your perspective to that mountain top view.

What are you being shown from this challenge?

What good do you see it doing for you now and what possible good could come from it later?

Published by amiblackford

I'm a YA author-illustrator who loves character-drive stories with unique voices. I love writing stories that have something to say of value that my reader can take away and use in their own lives. I love to cook, dance, sing and spend time with my teenager and husband watching sci-fi and fantasy flicks.

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